• Fast and economical manufacturing of large components and small batches
  • Open source material options
  • Volumetric output rates of up to 47 liters per hour
  • Integrated material handling system
  • Industrial 3D printers for 24/7 usage
  • Efficient operation through rugged design and high-quality components

The VX2000 industrial printer is a large format machine with the capacity to manufacture large, complicated parts in a single build. It is designed for use with the wide range of materials and processes currently available at voxeljet, and with the same superior performance available on all voxeljet platforms.

The spacious build envelope measuring 2000 x 1000 x 1000 mm provides for the economic manufacture of individual or small numbers of large molds, large numbers of small parts in a short series, or any combination of large and small parts in a one build meeting a wide range of customer requirements.

The VX2000 fills out the voxeljet product line, which now includes printers for every size and application. voxeljet technology offers significant advantages in the manufacture of complex cores and parts that, due to their complicated geometry, and offers a digital alternative to traditional core manufacturing methods.