• Professional application for design pieces and prototypes
  • for universities and research laboratories
  • Build speed: 12mm/h (=0,7 l/h)
  • Suitable for all voxeljet particulate materials
  • Piezo print head system (print resolution 300 dpi)
  • No additional equipment necessary
  • Effective continuous use through robust design

The VX200 is the smallest 3D printer in the voxeljet portfolio. The machine is very compact, easy to operate and represents a competitively-priced entry point into the world of 3D print technology. In addition, the smallest 3D printer also offers the well-known advantages of the larger machines: the VX200 offers a robust machine design, and high-quality components ensure that it can also be used for continuous operations.

The build space measures 300 x 200 x 150 mm. The piezo print head system of the VX200 reaches resolutions of up to 300 dpi. A layer applied in one cycle features a thickness of 150 micrometres. The build process for the VX200 is also fully automated and runs without interruptions. Due to its dimensions (2.1 m long x 1.5 m wide x 1.4 m high), the 450 kg VX200 is also suitable for installation in tight spaces.