EOS Manufacturing Solutions

Compact-class Additive Manufacturing system that offers a cost-efficient and highly productive entry into the world of Additive Manufacturing.


FORMIGA P 110 is a flexible, cost-efficient and highly productive system for the Additive Manufacturing of polymer parts. This compact system is ideal as an entry into Additive Manufacturing, for example for cost-efficient small series production, customised products with complex geometries and rapid prototyping applications. Without requiring tools, the system makes direct use of digital CAD data to produce polymer parts of the highest surface quality to a maximum construction height of 330 mm.


  • Additive Manufacturing of polymer products directly from CAD data within just a few hours
  • Cost-efficient, batch-size appropriate production
  • Flexible balancing of component requirements (mechanical criteria, surface quality, consistency of form, etc.) with the greatest possible cost efficiency through the use of suitable EOS parameter sets


  • Maximum reproducible part quality that has set quality standards in the market (“FORMIGA Quality”)
  • Optimised thermal management (improved dosing tray tempering and new 4-channel heating)


  • The material portfolio available for the FORMIGA P 110 particularly encompasses materials with a high level of recyclability, thus reducing costs and protecting the environment
  • During system development particular attention has been paid to low operating costs thanks to minimised energy consumption
  • An external nitrogen connection enables connection to a central nitrogen supply, reducing the amount of compressed air required by the machine


  • Shortened cycle times thanks to the optimisation of the laser sintering process steps
  • Minimum downtimes thanks to the streaming concept: The system can start building the job as soon as the job file is loaded
  • Optimum usability of the construction space thanks to an improved thermal management system


  • Easy integration in existing production environments
  • A wide range of materials is available (PA 2200, PA 2201, PA 3200 GF, PrimeCast 101, PA 2105 and various other materials in planning)
  • PA 2200 is now also available in 0.06 and 0,12 mm layer thicknesses, as well as 0.1 mm


  • Convenient handling through a high degree of automation and intuitive user interface
  • Design for low-dust, ergonomic work conditions
  • Data can be prepared in a convenient way in the workplace