odfab Dental Fabricator


Dental Clinic Additive Manufacturing Systems.

From research and development of DWS – Digital Wax Systems – was created DFab™ an innovative additive manufacturing system that caters to dental clinics in two versions: desktop and chairside. Starting from the intraoral scanning achieves long-term temporary directly next to the dentist’s chair.

Two versions

  • Desktop version

    dfab™ desktop is an ultra-fast, desktop size additive manufacturing system fully compatible with the majority of intraoral scanners and open dental CAD/CAM solutions. The compact form factor and the affordable price makes dfab™ desktop the ideal rapid manufacturing solution for dental clinics.

  • Chairside version

    dfab™ chairside is an all-in solution which integrates a personal computer and a touch-screen visual display. dfab™ chairside is the perfect companion of any intraoral scanning unit, giving the full power of instant-manufacturing of high quality temporary restorations during a single appointment.